Apart from our individual research in the areas we have been regularly visiting in Northern central part of Chhattisgarh and in the South Bastar District. We at DIAA have been collectively researching and documenting material concerning gradually disappearing Kokerenge (cock like walk) performance with the performers and other community members in Kibai Balinga (Bastar District) and in Khargaon in the Narayanpur district since last many years as well. We are continuing to further this collaborative project to publish the researched material collated over the years, in Halbi (locally spoken language), Hindi and English. A Gwaertler Stiftung grant received by DIAA (2022-2023) is being used towards bringing out the publication by early 2024.

Also included in the publication will be voices of community artists from Balond village who create animal masks for the dancers and local artists from different villages who paint or sculpt memorial pillars in Bastar District. We have been working with local cultural committees, dancers, artists, municipality, police officials etc.... and there are always unanticipated sources and resources.

G W Ä R T L E R   S T I F T U N G

SENSE is a self-initiated research and pilot project of the Gwaertler Stiftung. The project is led by Simon James Phillips - a member of the Stiftung’s board and a composer/musician working in a variety of collaborative contexts. SENSE is currently geared towards learning more about alternative artistic initiatives functioning outside of the conventional, western and dominant contexts of artistic practise and presentation, and that seek to invigorate community engagement and participation.

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